Massage Therapy

Membership Types

(1) One hour per month (Full 60 Minutes of massage)
               12 Month EFT Agreement      $59.00
                 6 Month EFT Agreement       $69.00

(1.25) One and One Quarter Hour per month (Full 75 Minutes of massage)       
               12 Month EFT Agreement      $69.00
                6 Month EFT Agreement       $79.00

(1.5) One and One Half Hour per month (Full 90 Minutes of massage)              
                12 Month EFT Agreement      $79.00
                6 Month EFT Agreement       $89.00

NO Enrollment Fee!     NO auto renewal.  If you wish to continue after your agreement ends you need to tell us. (no remembering to cancel)

Monthly Dues for the membership selected are as selected per agreement. (See above)  monthly dues for the following month, along with authorized member charges will be collected electronically on or by the 5th of the month. All members must provide Electronic Funds Transfer information required. In the event we are unable to collect payment electronically, the member will be notified and payment must be made by other means, no later than the 20th day of the month in order to maintain membership privileges.

Membership renewal is required after each agreement ends.

Each membership is for individual on agreement and may not be transferred or shared.

All Members receive discounts on any additional massage treatment within the same month (excludes 30 and 120 minute massages).  

10% off for friends and family.

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Our membership program was designed to help make massage more affordable to those that can not purchase packages or pay full price.  We offer many options of affordable pricing in order to bring healing to all.*

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*Membership is not required in order to continue massage services.  Membership was created to help fill the gap between package, e-mail marketing and local print advertisement.  Please feel free to use all, part or any one of the many ways to maintain your optimal health.



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